A Day in St. Gallen

April 12, 2013

A few weeks ago, my parents and my cousin came down to visit me for a weekend, and we decided to spent our Sunday ticking something off my travel to-do list: go to the Swiss town of St. Gallen and visit the abbey library.

There aren’t any pictures of the library here since they don’t allow photography inside, but here’s a link to a 360° panoramic view of the library if you’re curious.

The library is absolutely amazing. Even though it’s kept a bit on the chilly side (to preserve the books) I spent half of my time in awe and half wishing I could move in. If you’re ever in Switzerland, or the general Lake Constance area, I highly recommend taking some time and paying it a visit.

Afterwards we also snuck into the cathedral (where you are allowed to take pictures) to warm up a bit and have a look around the impressive baroque interior.

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